Blackjack Tips for gamblers

If you like gambling and blackjack is one of your favourite games, then there are some tips you can keep in mind while playing that might help you understand the outcomes of your moves. For starters, remember there are neither “hot” or “cold” tables nor “hot” or “cold” dealers, it is just a myth. When playing only tip the dealer if you feel like doing it because you should not do it under pressure, they are not there to influence your moves because cameras spy if they do something dishonest.

The shuffling is also something you should not worry about, unless you are very good at counting cards and you are not playing in casinos that has an automatic shuffler. For a fact, these machines makes theoretically impossible to track specific packets of cards or single cards. Also seat anywhere you feel comfortable, because unless you are superstitious about a specific seat, cards have no arrangement to fall for particular seats of the table. As we are talking about tables, remember that you should not sit down unless you have a basic strategy chart memorized, in order to make decisions properly informed about possible outcomes. To know this can lower your disadvantage at the game to about 0, 5% chances.

One golden rule, that is probably even more important than those above, is to avoid playing cards when drinking too much or enough to invalid your estimates about the game. Also, never believe to be on a winning streak because it can really be turned upside-down in one single play. Be careful not to over-bet or play foolishly, because the more money you put on the table and the less you reflect upon your moves, the more probable it is for you to lose. Some players believe that progressive betting is the best way to ensure a win but if you play with a 1 percent disadvantage, you will lose an average 1 percent of your money, and the more you play the more money you will lose on the long run. Even if you like the game a lot never play for extended periods of time and deprive yourself of eating, drinking, sleeping or simply stretching your legs. More importantly, never allow it to interfere on your personal relationships it whatever circumstances. It is important to be responsible when gambling and understanding the consequences of reckless strategies.

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